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What is "FREE AUDIO HOSTING?" A free audio host is more than a file backup service! Each company listed below allows you to upload, store AND SHARE your audios and music. Many offer audio recording using a webcam, mic or your phone. In general, your audios will be available to the public, but some hosts offer a private option. Never rely on any service to keep your audio forever--all companies terms of agreement (TOS) include provisions saying they can delete your audio for any reason and without warning.

What is "FREE AUDIO SHARING?" Most people want to share their audio with others. Popular sharing options include embedded players, codes, links, RSS, share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and iTunes integration. Sometimes downloading is also a sharing option. (Visit my page "free AUDIO clips" to find services with downloading options.)

Free Plan includes: 30 minute live broadcasts, 20 hours content storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited listeners, more...
Upload UNlimited number of audio files. Record straight to account from a webcam or mic. Upload from iPhone, Blackberry,Android or any smart phone. SHARE on twitter, facebook, RSS and email! Each audio file that you upload can be up to 120MB. An Mp3 file recorded at 128kbps that is 120MBs would be about 2hrs long. If you record your chirbit via a webcam or microphone you can record for up to 5 minutes. Accepts these audio formats: mp3, wav, aiff, wma and m4a.
Sound Cloud
Upload or record 120 total minutes for free. "Share privately to your family, publish to social networks or embed your sounds on your site."
Shout Cast
"With the FREE SHOUTcast broadcasting tools you too can start your own SHOUTcast Radio station and become part of one of the largest directory of radio stations on the web"
"Free option includes uploading up to 200 MB at a time. All MP3s are automatically placed in our embeddable streaming MP3 player upon uploading. The audio can be streamed from the download page and can be embedded on any blog, site or profile. Adding two or more MP3s to a folder will automatically create a playlist."
Pod Bean
Free option offers: 100MB storage, 5GB monthly bandwidth, and 100 daily visitors.
Basic free account includes 500MB storage and 15GB of monthly bandwidth. Includes MiniCast Maker so you can include photos with your audios and share both in one player.
Audio Boo
"Audioboo works on iPhone, Android and Nokia devices, and you can also record via the web. Soon we’ll be adding Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Download the app onto your mobile or use the record button on the front page. 5 minute recording limit."
Hound Bite
You can currently upload an MP3 of 8MB or less, OR record directly to Houndbite within your free account. Direct recordings can be 15 minutes long. Record web audio within your Houndbite account by submitting the URL link.

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