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free VIDEO clips - GOVERNMENT videos

US Government videos contain instructional, video data, promotional, meetings, lectures, commercial, public service announcements and more.

All videos can be used for personal (offline) projects for friends and family. Usually restrictions apply for businesses and published (online) projects like blogs. Read each web site's "copyright notice" or "user agreement" before using.

TSA - Passenger Guidance
"Step-By-Step Screening" (WMV 3 MB)
"Female business traveler" (WMV 3 MB)
"Male business traveler" (WMV 3 MB)
"Traveling with a baby or small child" (WMV 3 MB)
"Travelers with special needs" (WMV 3 MB)
Air Force Office of Special Investigations
USDA food safety videos
USGS - US Geological Survey
US National Park Service B-Roll Video
"Downloadable, QuickTime H.264 movie clips are available as zipped files that can be decompressed for use in video editing applications, web sites and other projects. All video clips are public domain."
Federal Citizen Information Center
USGS video archive
CBP videos
INL videos
Water Resources Discipline 2003-present
US Customs and Border Protection
NPS High Water Videos
us fish and wildlife digital video repository
(select "video" then click "search")
LOC (list of collections containing moving images)
US Navy Video Gallery
Preview and download videos. Search feature available.
US NAVY "All Hands TV" Video Archive
FEMA Media Library
Department of Defense (DOD) video clips
Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System
video options include: HD, B-Roll, and several more.
US Coast Guard - Visual Information Gallery
This links to the main gallery page where you can choose several options for video categories.
School of Engineering: Worldwide flight path
Download clip of worldwide flight paths.

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