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Location videos contain city skylines, monuments, and other geographical landmarks.
All videos can be used for personal (offline) projects for friends and family. Usually restrictions apply for businesses and published (online) projects like blogs. Read each web site's "copyright notice" or "user agreement" before using.

Stock Footage For Free
On this site use search word "city" and see it pull up several free city video clips.
US National Park Service B-Roll Video
"Downloadable, QuickTime H.264 movie clips are available as zipped files that can be decompressed for use in video editing applications, web sites and other projects. All video clips are public domain."
Blue Sky Stock Footage
Free cityscape video clips, download them for free.
Video Blocks
Get 7 days of free downloads. Has many city and location video clips. Limited to 20 free video clips per day.
Footage Firm
Download "completely free" broadcast quality video clips of popular city, location, and region footage.
Clip Canvas
Download free preview clips of cityscapes and more with free account sign in.

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