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Want more from your software? Learn new skills.

Photo & Camera Education
Kodak Learn
CNN iReport helpful tips
Photography is not a Crime
Photographer's legal documents (free downloads)
Video & Camera Education
Wiki Video
View and download free instructional videos about video, audio and more.
Make Internet TV
Free training videos under these progressive steps: Equip, Shoot, Edit, License, Publish and Promote.
Izzy Video Tutorials
This site contains more than 150 video tutorials on topics such as video lighting, audio for video, using a video camera, editing in Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, and more.
Free Vlog Channel on Blip.tv
Video on How To video blog.
Our Media Learning Center
CNN iReport - video tips
Ulead Learning Center
Movie Law
Free video lectures on these topics:
Actor Employment Agreements
Co-Production Agreements
Copyright Registration and Protection
Director's Agreements
Film Financing
Life Story Options
Music for Film
Screenplay Option Agreements
Securities Issues
Structuring a Deal for Investors
Writer Employment Agreements
CNET text based forums.
Audio & Microphone Education
CNN iReport - recording audio tips
Knight Digital Media Center
Short blog tutorials.
CNET: How To
New Doc Editing
Learn about documentary movie editing.

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