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Free Teleprompter Services and Software

Easy Prompter
The free, web-based, plugin-free, browser independent, online and offline teleprompter. Features: text size, text preview, adjustable speed, text highlight, italics, ALL CAPS, and flip text.
CuePrompter is a free teleprompter/autocue service. Your browser works like a teleprompter -no
extra software needed. Check the system requirements and give it a try. Bookmark this site and come again when ever you need teleprompter services. Free for any use (both commercial and non-commercial).

Features: adjustable speed, forward, stop and reverse scrolling buttons, normal and mirrored display (mirror with Kcab font installed), two screen sizes, and two font sizes.
MirrorScript Pro (free version)
Free PC software. Features: 100% Free!, No Spyware, No Annoying Ads, Text Scrolls Smoothly, Standard & Mirror Image, and Learn in Minutes.
Prompt! (trial version)
PC and Mac versions. Free version limited to 2600 characters. Features: import and export text, save project, simple word processing editing options.
Free Windows software. Full-featured teleprompter for Windows. Features: built in editor, RTF (rich text format) documents, mirror flip or invert the scrolling text, select font and background colors.

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