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What is "FREE VIDEO HOSTING?" A free video host allows you to upload, store and share your videos. Open a free account, upload your files, then share them by email, url links, html codes, download link, YIM or AIM. Your videos will be available to the public unless you choose a host with a privacy feature. Most free video hosting services are honest but a couple make you sign away all rights to your videos. Please read your terms of agreement before you upload.

What is "FREE VIDEO SHARING?" Free video sharing means you share videos by email, url links, html codes, YIM or AIM. Sharing is free for everyone because you are only sharing codes and links.

free and public
free and public with PRIVATE OPTION
Works with video code (HTML) makers
full-length movies & videos
BE the video host
Family friendly
Music Videos
Park Rides
video AD feature (earn money)
video email & messenging

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