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What is "FREE IMAGE HOSTING?" A free image host allows you to upload, store and share your images and photos. Open a free account, upload your files, then share them by email, url links, html codes, download link, YIM or AIM. Your images will be available to the public, but sometimes private hosting is offered. Most free photo hosting services are honest but a couple make you sign away all rights to your images. Please read your terms of agreement before you upload.

What is "FREE IMAGE SHARING?" Free image sharing means you share photos by email, url links, html codes, YIM or AIM. Sharing is free for everyone because you are only sharing codes and links. Downloading is not usually a sharing option, but when it is an option businesses and published (online) projects are usually prohibited from using downloaded content. Sharing is easier than downloading, and it doesn't use your bandwidth!

Free photo hosting and free private photo sharing among your friends who also join Snapfish. Benefits are 1) accepts photos on film; 2) accepts mobilephone photos; 3) allows invited friends to download and 4)you and your friends can order prints and photo gift products made from your photos as well.
Free photo hosting and free photo sharing. Share your photos with the world or create private groups to exchange photos from events like weddings. Easily share photos on blogs and allow others to do the same.
Picasa Web Albums
Use in conjunction with Picasa software (free.) Private and public photo album options available. Free storage UP TO 1GB.
Free photo hosting and photo sharing. Public and Private accounts available. Free video and audio hosting. Free blog pages. Share with links, codes, AIM, or emial.
"Photobucket.com is a free, simple, fast, reliable image hosting and online photo album site that allows direct linking and photo sharing. Most photo sites are banning direct linking, but not us! At photobucket.com, you can easily upload and store photos online, and then direct link them to any site on the internet."
This site offers private and public viewing options for photo albums.
A free photo hosting and free photo sharing service. Creates slideshows with your photos so you and others can share on their websites and blogs. Includes comments and RSS feeds. This is the service to create a free photo blog.
Free image hosting with personal and public photo sharing. Invite friends to view your personal album on your personal account. Download images to your phone or desktop. Keep track of your album visitors and number of image downloads. Photo gifts also available.
Free Photo WEBSITES-- It's photo hosting with a twist!
"With a single click have NeoPhoto create an attractive set of linked photo webpages, in one of several themes, that include thumbnail pages, detail view pages, titles, descriptions, navigation links and index bars."
NowPublic is perfect for news junkies! You can share news stories, event footage and photos about news worthy topics you care about. National and local. It's easy. Just copy and paste their html code onto your site. Anyone can also upload media to NowPublic to share your news worthy photos and videos with the world. Watch and share news coverage that you won't see anywhere else.

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