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Awesome Clipart for Educators
"These images are free for use on your web pages or printed documents."
Animation Factory
a few free animation samples. But this site is mostly a subscription service.
Discovery Education (clipart)
"Permission is granted to download no more than ten different clip art images for non-revenue-producing use on hard copy documents or on Web sites with the following restrictions...."
Graphic Maps
"Any clip art featured on the pages linked below may be used (without) our written approval on any web site, intranet site or within a document or publication. If you use the clip art we ask for, and would appreciate, a link (of any kind) back to Graphic Maps or WorldAtlas.com
Strong>Usage Restrictions: Images cannot be resold under any condition. Images cannot be used in any way that duplicates the efforts of our web sites. Country maps within WorldAtlas.com cannot be used without our written permission."
Centers for Disease Control
Logo Angel
Free icons, logos, web templates, and brochures.

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