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Videos for aspiring and professional Video Jockeys!
All videos can be used for personal (offline) projects for friends and family. Usually restrictions apply for businesses and published (online) projects like blogs. Read each web site's "copyright notice" or "user agreement" before using.

VJ Vault
AVI, MOV, MPEG, FLASH and OTHER format options available. Nice search feature.
Beachfront B-Roll
"A place to download (for free!) unique HD stock video footage and animated backgrounds for any production purpose. All clips in the library are completely free to use"
Lucid Loops: Freebies section
WOW! Three free sets available: "Dirty Quickies," "Lucisous Sublimes," and "Wall Pap"
Audio Visualizers
Free low resolution samples VJ clips near bottom of page. Scroll down to under heading "All Member Access - VJ Clip DL Area #1" Click on those free loop links.
Candy Jar
The Candy Jar is a collection of video clips produced mainly by VJs for VJs. The clips are licensed for non-commercial use.
Internet Archive: VJ Section
This is the VJ page listing authors. Pick an author, then pick a video of theirs. The video will play in center with the download options on the FAR LEFT of your screen.
EMAQ Design
"All our AS2 flash loops (Resolume 2 ONLY) are on sale for the price of FREE! Use the promotional codes for 100% off any AS2 flash loop package! Remember, if you don't use the promo code you will get charged for the AS2 products, so be sure to enter it before checkout!"
Neuromixer: Free Section
Stock Footage For Free
Free looping backgrounds. (And more.)

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