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Earn $$$ for YOUR Indie Movie

Indie Flix
Earn 70% commission on sales. You set your price. Non-exclusive agreement. Customers can order your movie on DVD or as streaming download.
Custom Flix
After duplicating your video projects on DVD for you, this company will also get your DVD product listed in the Amazon.com marketplace. Custom Flix will also fulfill all Amazon orders on demand.
An online movie rental company. Will distribute your movies for share in the profits. No distributor required. Just fill out their application.
Sell your videos, films and shorts as downloads. Account is free. Pay-per-view streaming option available to large video producers.
Make money selling our home erotica videos on DVD and VHS. 75% commission paid on each sale. Set up your free store online.
Green Planet Films
Website rents environmental oriented films. They accept project submissions for evaluation and to be included in their catalog.
Sells DVDs of short films, documentaries and feature films. They accept project submissions for evaluation and to be included in their catalog. They also offer affiliate sales for webmasters who place Micro Cinema on their website.
Qualifying films earn an advance payment plus royalties that increase each time they're viewed online.
"We are interested in integrating your movies, music videos and sitcoms into our website for renting to our customers. We do not accept home made videos. If you wish to submit your related video contents for online rental, please feel free to send your VCR tape or DVD to the following address."
West Park Foundries
Will sell your video projects and movies as pay-per-view. Company focuses on the mobile consumer and has over 200 projects already in place.
CoBrand It
"We're paying $100 each for acceptable submissions. Here are the guidelines: Make a video about a brand or product you love from one of these catagories: Beer, Gear, or Cars, and make it good. We don't want ad concepts--we want a slice of life. Stylized, silly, serious...it's up to you. Keep it real, and keep it clean (no smut). We accept Quicktime format only. The video must not exceed 90 seconds; burn it onto a disc (full DV quality) and complete a release. Mail it all in. Only one entry per person/team, the first 20 acceptable submissions qualify for $100 payment."
Musicians and Filmmakers! "You make the rules and set the price. set the rules and we deliver with technology. 3Mels combines payment authorization and licenses issuing function in one process."

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