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"Our library has full-length public domain movies and archive film stock footage that cost less than a single clip of licensed footage."

"Hundreds of visually compelling news stories available from the 1930's right through the 1960's, ready for your next project."
available in film, video, digital and HD.
ABC News Video Source
History-shaping events of the 20th and 21st century
Air Power Video
Military, civilian, archival footage: fighter jets, bombers, attack helicopters, aircraft carriers and submarines. General and civilian aviation, plane crash, disaster footage, explosions.
Boeing Image Licensing
Historic and contemporary aviation archives.
Budget Films Stock Footage
High definition, vintage footage, contemporary news footage, contemporary and vintage animation, high-tech, and medical.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Images from Canada and around the world. News, current affairs, arts, nature, fashion, etc.

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