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RF Timelapse Video

Time Lapse Source
"TimeLapseSource.com offers royalty-free clips for immediate download to meet the needs of our clients’ tight deadlines.....You won’t find any MiniDv, videotape, or 16mm transfers here! Only 35mm source, mastered to HDCAM on a Spirit DataCine is used for our production masters. From that High Definition original we down convert our NTSC and PAL, both available in cropped 4:3 format, and 16:9 anamorphic widescreen."
TK Timelapse
"Pricing ranges from $149 to $299(US) per clip for most of the clips in the TK Time-Lapse collection. Discount rates are available for multiple clip orders. Please note that most clips are "royalty-free" but many are still available for "rights managed" status on a first come first serve basis."
Garrett's Clip Joint
.99 clips or six clips for $4.99. Night Dive; Vancouver Train; Traffic
Air Power Video
time lapse, nature, aviation archives, etc.

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