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rf VIDEO - Locations, Scenics

America By Air Stock Footage Library
Aerials, nature and establishing shots, footage from around the world.
Bennett-Watt HD Productions, Inc.
Aerials, scenics, lifestyles, cities, cathedrals, cooking, national parks, and monuments.
Blue Sky Stock Footage
Aerials, agriculture, airplanes, architecture, cityscapes, experimental, landmarks, people, scenery, landscapes, motion control, mountains, natural elements, oceans, rural, seasons, and underwater.
Wilderness Video
Over 250 hours of nature, wildlife, cities, volcanos, agriculture, and time-lapse.
DV/HD cuts
DV and HD aerials, agriculture, airplanes, Americana, architecture, cityscapes, experimental, landmarks, international people and scenery, kaleidoscopes, landscapes, motion control, natural elements, transportation, underwater.
Fall Mountain Productions
New England scenics.
Sun, clouds, scenics, car POVs and aerials.
Sun, clouds, scenics, car POVs and aerials.
Global Village Stock Footage
Travel, underwater, aerials, ethnic, historical, scenic.
Greg Hensley Productions
Time-lapse, nature, flash floods, mountains, deserts, prairies, city traffic.
Kesser Image Library
Over 100,000 images of aerials, cities, underwater, wildlife, people, NASA, archival, mexico, beaches.
Last Frontier Footage
35mm nature and wildlife. Avalanches, eagles, glaciers, humpback whales, northern lights, polar bears (video), Denali National Park, Yosemite National Park, Golden Gate Bridge.
Leonard Rue Video Productions, Inc
3000 hours of superb Beta SP & DVCAM stock footage. Wildlife, nature and scenics, over 1300 species available.

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